Did you know that
before VOIC was 
officially formed, some vegetable oil 
industry stakeholders 
including Unilever 
Canada, Canadian 
Oilseed Processors'
Association, Canadian
Canola Growers
Association, etc., formed an informal coalition to address issues impacting the vegetable oil industry?

VOIC (VEGETABLE OIL INDUSTRY OF CANADA) INC. – VOIC (INDUSTRIE DE L’HUILE VÉGÉTALE DU CANADA) INC. is a national not-for-profit industry group representing 70,000 oilseed growers across Canada, seed developers, oilseed processors and suppliers of fats and oils to the food industry, and makers of oilseed-based food products such as margarine, shortenings, cooking oil, salad dressing, mayonnaise and dessert toppings.  

VOIC promotes Canadian vegetable oil interests (including international interests that trade in Canada ) – from farm to fork – with governments, media, opinion formers, health care professionals and consumers in order to:

  • Raise awareness of the healthfulness of vegetable oils, vegetable oil-based food products and products made with vegetable oil among Canadian consumers and influencers of consumers’ opinion to drive product demand;

  • “Clean up” domestic regulatory barriers and policies to eliminate barriers to the vegetable oil industry in order to spur innovation and growth;

  • Encourage the federal government to adopt a stronger open market position in terms of internal and international trade.